Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Sometimes you have two sons.

Sometimes your oldest son becomes a rebellious teen and begins listening to music you don't understand.

Sometimes he likes a band called Anti-Flag. And you scoff.

Sometimes you begin to listen to what your son is saying about the band and you notice that even in his darkest days, he is influenced by their straight-edge lifestyle. And you are relieved.

Walt 2007
Sometimes that band brings inspiration for your son, who struggles to find his fit in a round hole society.

Walt 2009
Sometimes that influence takes place in a garage where he teaches himself to play a bass guitar.

Sometimes that son begs to go to an Anti-Flag concert with his friend and that friend's rock-n-roll dad.

Sometimes he comes home with new zeal after singing on stage with them.

Sometimes that son teaches his brother to play his bass while taking on a new challenge of learning to play guitar and sing.

Sometimes that son forms a band and writes music and plays for bigger and bigger audiences in cities around the nation.

The Pinz with Dead Kennedys after their show at Levelz in Melbourne, FL in 2009
Sometimes that band does a Florida tour with Dead Kennedys and you go with them and you meet some really fabulous people.

Sometimes you see a video on-line of your sons on stage with Anti-Flag at an outdoor festival and you know they feel connected to something bigger than themselves.

Walt at Harvest of Hope 2009

Sometimes you stand back behind the merch table in a smoke-filled, dimly lit venue and you watch with pride as your sons skank with such intensity.

Sometimes you feel sorry for people who don't get to experience this side of life with their sons.

The Pinz at Trash & Vaudeville NYC 2011
Sometimes you book your sons' band a show in New York City because Anti-Flag is playing there that weekend.

Sometimes your son texts you and says a band is coming to stay at your house that night...and by the way three are vegetarian and one is vegan.

Sometimes you have to stand in the grocery store and Google "food for vegans."

Sometimes you see your sons sitting on your sofa with their musical man crush and you are glad you were open-minded to punk rock.
The Pinz with the White Wives 2011

Sometimes you drive to Austin, Texas with your sons and their band to play SXSW. 

Sometimes you drive straight through the city the band is playing along the way and rush ahead to Austin to make an Anti-Flag show. 

Sometimes you then turn around and haul it back to their show and then back again to Austin.

Sometimes you realize the time and money are worth it when you have experienced seeing your younger son singing on stage with his favorite band.
Wyatt Singing with Chris #2 at SXSW

Sometimes you watch your sons on stage at Warped Tour.
The Pinz at Warped Tour 2013

Sometimes your entire family goes to an Anti-Flag show together and your daughter gets to mosh for the first time.

Sometimes your sons open for The Adicts.
Wyatt at The Adicts Show

Sometimes you watch your sons playing on stage in Times Square. 

The Pinz Playing Times Square for CBGB Festival 2013

Sometimes your sons begin to mature and change and they stop playing shows with their band.

Sometimes you are sad that something so extraordinary has come to an end.

Sometimes your son gives his most prized pedal
 to the one who inspired him to begin with.

Sometimes you see punk rock come full circle and you know your sons have more than most.

Always you are thankful.