Thursday, June 5, 2014

Musings from Murk: A Higher Power 4

Taken from Murk's AA/NA journal writing regarding steps  1 -3 of The Steps to Serenity:

What does "to the care of" mean to me? It means I don't have to be in charge of the whole world, and that I accept that a power greater than me will do a better job of caring for my thinking and actions than I have. It means I surrender and allow something to care for me.

What does it mean for me to turn my will and my life over to the care of the God of my understanding? It means each day I have to take action by asking God to grant me His will for that day and the power to carry His will out to guide me in my recovery and show me how He wants me to live. I must do this to the best of my ability using the spiritual principles I have from Steps 1 & 2 - honesty and hope. Honestly as I can with the hope and knowledge that He will.

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  1. You answered so carefully and beautifully. I am sure that many people out there are really inspired by the work you do. Keep up doing it and good luck for it.