Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Musings from Murk: A Higher Power 3

Taken from Murk's AA/NA journal writing regarding steps  1 -3 of The Steps to Serenity:

What feelings do I have about my Higher Power? I feel that I am not alone anymore for the first time since I was very young. I feel protected. I feel at peace. I feel forgiven. I feel happiness in a way I've never experienced. I feel life has meaning finally. I feel a part of something. I feel that something is in control that has the power and that it's not all left up to me and my self will anymore. I feel that whatever I've been and done, it's ok somehow, and all is as it should be and has been. And all of this I feel because of my higher power.

Am I struggling with changing beliefs about the nature of my Higher Power? Describe. No. I've surrendered to the fact that my higher power is what it is no matter what I believe. When I'm wrong, it doesn't change it. When I'm right, it doesn't change it. As I grow, my relationship changes and that's ok!

Is my concept of a Higher Power still working? Yes. How does it need to change? My level of surrender.

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