Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Musings from Murk: Taking Action 2

Taken from Murk's AA/NA journal writing regarding steps  1 & 2 of The Steps to Serenity:

What action have I taken to follow through on my decision? Ask God each day when I get up to show me His will and give me the power to carry it out and then have faith that whatever happens that day is His will for me at that time.

What areas of of my life are difficult for me to turn over? Sex life, relationships, work.

Why is it important that I turn them over anyway? Until I turn them over, they will continue to cause me pain and stress. I won't be able to realize the blessing and joy that are now mine at work by turning it over than if I keep holding on to fake control of these other areas. Also, if I don't turn over my sex life, I won't be able to know the blessings in that area God has in store.

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