Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Middle School Science Fair Project

This is the science fair project my daughter completed in sixth grade. This is her writing and these are her photos. This is not the complete project, but is a summary of what she did.

Love Is in the Flowers. You Have to Let It Grow.


Question:  Is there something I can do to make flowers last longer?

Hypothesis: If the growth packet is added to water, the flower will last longer, because experts made the formula in the growth packets, and they probably did some research.

  • Purchase 8 flowers of the same type.
  • Cut the flowers the same length and place them in 8 separate cups.
  • Mark the cups with a number and write in journal what goes in each cup.
  • Tape the cups down to a hard surface.
  • Add the following liquids to seven of the cups: 
1 cup of water
1 cup of water + 1 TB sugar
1 cup soda
1 cup water + growth packet
1 cup vinegar
1 cup 100% aloe vera juice
1 cup water + aspirin
  • Leave the 8th flower alone as the control group.
  • Take photographs throughout the experiment.
  • Journal each day & describe how the 8 flowers look.
  • On the 10th day, make a conclusion about which flower is more healthy.

Experimental Design:

Independent Variable: liquids
Dependent Variable: growth/health of flowers

Control: cup with nothing added

Observation: daily comparisons of each flower

Data Collection: journal & photos 

Day One 

Day Three

No Water

Soda (biggest bloom) Next to Growth Packet

Day Seven


Day Ten

Aloe Vera Juice began killing the flower the very first day. It lost the most petals by Day 10.

The vinegar practically preserved the flower and no petals fell off. It also never bloomed.


For the biggest bloom, the growth packet and soda were the best. For the longest lasting flower, the soda was best. The sugar water flower lasted as long, but the bloom didn't get as big as the soda and growth packet.


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